simple. flexible. fast.

A fully flexible
ticketing solution

Our flexible system elements combine to best suit the different business needs across multiple sectors including performing and visual arts spaces, sporting venues, academic institutions and much more.


Understand your customers

Staff members can view customer profiles including their purchase history, reservations and take over their basket to complete a transaction.

They can change addresses, phone numbers, marketing preferences and so on.

In addition staff members can add staff-only notes on customer accounts, and view a log of interactions.


Local team with International Support

Monad is supported by a Australian Team based in Melbourne
We have offices worldwide in Australia, the UK & Canada

Bespoke Web Designs

Get a box office that mirrors your own website design. We can create a completely custom ticket buying experience with the same theme as your website OR you can use the out-of-the-box theme to get up and running quickly. 


Easy to use seat plan
and “offer best” algorithms

Having entered the number of seats required, the customer can use the seat plan to specify where they would like to sit, and the system allocates them the best nearby seats whilst enforcing business rules such as “not leaving a single seat at the end of a row”.

Fiddly operations such as lassoing seats and clicking on them individually are avoided.


Flexible structure

The system does not force you to use the traditional hierarchy in which you must create a venue containing shows containing performances.

The structure is based on folders, which can be tagged as venues, spaces, shows and performances as required, can contain any kind of element, and can be dragged around and rearranged.

A show that is on tour, for example, might have a top level folder tagged as a show, which contains folders that are tagged as both venues and performances for each night of the tour in a different city.


Powerful, Flexible Reporting

The reporting system can produce reports as interactive web pages, spread sheets, and PDF and Word documents.

There is a large array of pre-built reports, with editing easily completed.

Reports can be emailed from the system directly, or set up to email on a schedule with dynamic parameters. 

Our report engine and role-based security system combine to give access agencies or promoters access to reports that concern them, without opening the rest of the system.


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